JR Sound Co. (JRS) presently builds a replica of the famous JBL Hartsfield corner horn. JRS has been building this magnificent speaker enclosure starting in 1988. Other than JBL, JRS has probably built more of these speakers than anyone else in the world. In 1988 JRS was approached by a gentleman after seeing an ad in the Detroit area "Tradin' Times newspaper. This ad was placed by JRS stating that we manufactured many JBL sound reinforcement cabinet copy's. I was asked if we could build a JBL Hartsfield. Not knowing what a Hartsfield was, the gentleman was told that if he had a blueprint, we could build it. A meeting was scheduled and an agreement was made. After building twenty two units for his newly formed company, Classic Audio Reproductions, our business relationship ended. JRS has been building the Hartsfield replica since that time for our own customers and still build them today. JRS builds an exact replica built to the actual JBL blueprints that were drawn in 1959. Most people believe that the coffin back Hartsfield started to be built that year because the prints that are available were drawn in 1959. This only means this was the year these particular set of prints were drawn. I believe the top loader was made from 1954 to 1956. The reason being that I have attended two estate sales that were selling Hartsfield speakers. They were original units, with documentation of the original sale in 1957. Both were coffin backs. There are a couple mistakes in dimensioning on the original blueprints so be careful when trying to build these speakers. JRS builds the replica out of high grade plywood and veneers them usually in mahogany. Any veneer of the customers choice can be utilized. The replicas are loaded with original JBL parts except the crossover which is made in house to the original JBL specs. If alternate components are desired, JRS can accommodate.